Serviced Offices are the hottest topic in the global property industry nowadays. The concepts of serviced office is getting popular and growth rapidly in Europe and Asia Pacific markets. The growing rate of the serviced officeindustry has been nothing less than explosive over the past few years, although the global recession has steadied this growth over the past two years.

Serviced office is an one stop business solution

Serviced Offices provide a one stop solution with fully furnished and ready to use occupation. The Serviced Officeprovider takes all the responsibilities for the services to the building, and provides a wide range of business services such as front desk reception, telephone answering, secretarial services, meeting and conference facilities

Serviced office is Cost Effective

However, the costs may look high initially but the rental of the serviced offices that you pay cover almost of the costs that you would normally expect to pay on top of rent in a conventional office. There are no extra costs for business rates, such as air conditioning, power, security, cleaning, building maintenance, insurance etc. The only additional costs, on top of rent, are for telephone and internet usage. Also, the meeting rooms if you use them, charged in hour rate. In fact, there are a number of operators now offering unlimited telephone calls and internet usage in some serviced offices package or sales promotion.

Serviced office is Flexible

A major difference between serviced offices and traditional offices is the length of the leasing contract. A serviced office lease may be as short as 3 months to 12 months. This is totally different from the long lease normally associated with a traditional office and gives many companies the much flexibility to shrink or expand as their business dictates

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