Serviced Office Pricing

The following table give a rough idea about the rental price for the serviced offices in different Asia countries today. The prices assume with the Grade ‘A’ level serviced offices. In most of the case, you may find the rental price of the serviced offices around these range, the price may also be adjusted by other conditions such like Window Seat, Internal Seat, Share Desk, Facilities, Utilities and so on. However, they are a reasonable indication of the differentials that you can expect to find in the market today. Grade ‘B’ & Grade ‘C’ offices are also available in most locations if you are looking for less expensive options.


Serviced Office Price Guideline in ASIA countries (USD)
Australia $375 / Month Japan $1425/ Month Singapore $750/ Month
China $488/ Month Malaysia $450/ Month Thailand $650/ Month
Hong Kong $1125/ Month Philippines $488/ Month Taiwan $755/ Month
Indonesia $350/ Month South Korea $800/ Month Vietnam $638/ Month