Whether you’re a company looking to expand oversees, or traveling professional that goes to Hong Kong often for business, a Hong Kong virtual office is a must-have. It’s the fastest way to get a business address in the city while receiving the main amenities of phone and fax numbers, and staff to answer calls in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin. Depending on your virtual office provider, you may even be able to get space as well. What are you waiting for? Do business in Asia with a Hong Kong virtual office today!


If you’re considering a Hong Kong virtual office because of a company expansion, then you need to make sure that you register your business with the city before you get started. This can be a very confusing process if you don’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese, or don’t enlist in additional help. What we would recommend is finding a company like HK Commons to do the registration for you. HK Commons registers your business for a modest fee while you can work on growing the business without having to go through the process yourself.


Getting the proper visa to travel to Hong Kong is also a very difficult process. If you’re a traveling professional, then you can get a work visa. But, if you’re the owner of a company, or a majority owner, or an entrepreneur then you might not be able to qualify for the work visa. If this is the case, then what you’ll need is the investment visa, which is more commonly referred to as the “business investment visa” as is specifically designated for business owners. However, applying for this visa requires you to submit a business plan and to deposit funds in a bank account. The latter is the hard part because you need to be in person to open a bank account in Hong Kong and make a deposit. To do this, you would need to arrange to go to Hong Kong on a different visa, such as a tourist visa to make the deposit. If you already have a bank account open, then the business investment visa is much easier to get.


English is the official language in Hong Kong, so you can get by pretty easily without knowing Cantonese. This is also good news since Hong Kong has plenty of networking events to help you build contacts and to get your business off the ground. Part of the reason is that the Hong Kong government has various agencies and efforts dedicated to promoting startup and business growth, and one of the things they do to support this is provide a calendar of various events happening in the city. Sites such as Meetup and Eventbrite are also helpful in locating events in Hong Kong to introduce you to the business community.

Doing business in Asia from Hong Kong only gets easier with time, as one of the hardest parts is getting started. Fortunately, with a Hong Kong virtual office, you don’t have to worry about setting up your business infrastructure, finding a place to work, and expansion possibilities if everything works out. The virtual office takes care of all that for you, providing everything you need to get started while having the amenities available if you grow.

Have you ever done business in Hong Kong? If so, do you have anything to add about getting settled and doing things right as a business? Tell us in the comments!

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